What I Wore Edition No. 2: New Year’s Eve Outfit

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Full disclosure: I do not consider myself a fashionista. Fuller disclosure (pun intended): I am not a petite person. I’m 5’8” (68 inches), and I wear a women’s US size 14. When I find clothes that fit, look flattering, are long enough etc. I feel a serious sense of accomplishment. This “What I Wore” post, along with future posts (when I can find someone to take a full-length photo of me, ha!) are incredibly intimidating to me because I don’t like to bring a lot of attention to my appearance. I also have never publicized what size clothing I wear on the interwebs, but it’s 2014 now, and I need to be real with myself and anyone perusing my blog. So, this is me, and occasionally I will try to throw a few outfit suggestions out there for real-sized girls because most of the time it’s really not easy finding anything that doesn’t look like a tent. I’d love to hear your recommendations for clothes or accessories of all ranges, so please chime in below in the comments!

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Top: Bobeau Blouse (bought at Nordstrom Rack). This is a lightweight, short-sleeved shirt and a simple black camisole needed to be worn underneath.

Leggings: Black leggings – they have no tag, so I’m unsure of the brand, but they were bought at TJ Maxx.

Boots: Black Bongo ankle boots – my New Year’s Eve find! I bought these at Sears for $14.99! They’re available in three other colors.

Boyfriend Sweater: Gray textured t-shirt material sweater from Cable and Gauge

Necklace: Links of London Aurora Cluster Link Pendant Pro Tip – I bought this in the store and it was $125, even though it’s $150 online.

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