Review: Pretty Little Liars’ Winter 2014 Premiere “Who’s In The Box?”

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PLL 2014 winter premiere

Alison Delaurentis is alive. Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are coming to terms with this shocking truth as the episode opens. Ali couldn’t trust any of the cops in Rosewood, so she’s been hiding out for a year (at least? PLL timelines are a bit odd). Spencer is right in her assertion that the sooner the Liars make it safe for Ali to come back, the sooner they can pull every detail out of her about what has been happening in their lives: “We can ask her why she did this to us.” Spencer has already moved away from Ali the victim, and turned the victimization back on the Liars. Hanna’s revelation that whoever was in “Ali’s casket” was placed there in order to convince the Liars that Ali was dead is both accurate and insane. Although this is something that has occurred to me as a viewer since the finale, I hadn’t really considered how desperately A, or the A Team needed the Liars to assume Ali was deceased.

Ezra’s recommitment to Aria (especially long-term) is a bit alarming, but something I would’ve embraced so much more pre-summer finale. I do love Ezria, but now I feel like Aria is just plain haunted. In terms of Mona approaching Ezra and claiming she wants a mentor? Mona is always fishy, but now I’m wondering if it’s going to be a front for them being on the A team together. I’m not totally convinced that Ali would reach out to Jason. Does anyone remember Ezra’s initial reaction to the Liars spending time with Jason? I vaguely remember him not liking it, and strongly disliking Aria being around him. What could that be foreshadowing? Does Ezra give Aria the key to the cabin because he’s hoping the Liars will meet up there to conspire? Is it a ploy for him to spy on them? Will Aria potentially take the Liars there?

I honestly don’t understand where Toby’s investigation of his mother’s supposed suicide is going to lead. I understand Radley is a common thread for a lot of the troubled women on this show, but I have no predictions whatsoever as to how this is going to be pertinent to the overall timeline. How could it tie into Ali, and how will it connect to A? I honestly have not been terribly interested in Toby’s crusade, so I’m hoping the payoff is big, or it will be deemed just a time suck. What if that Sarah girl is in Radley? Her friend said, “they keep upping her meds.” Could that be the link? What good would come from Spencer’s dad closing down Radley with his lawyer wizardry?

While I’ve really enjoyed Caleb, all the Liars’ have been in long-term relationships, and I’m honestly ready for some new blood. I’m also ready for Emily to break it off with Paige. Emily’s confession that Ali broke her heart was timely because how is she going to move on if Ali is now undead?

Does anyone have a better cliffhanger game than Pretty Little Liars? I am so excited to know what’s in that journal of Ali’s. Also, the preview that shows Ezra and the Liars racing to find Ali? I actually sucked in my breath. What did everyone else think of tonight’s winter premiere?




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