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Emily’s midnight visit from the reaper – I mean, Ali- coincides with the her being the first person to research Allison’s old diary. Emily is only willing to dive back into the journal if it means she can get answers. Although Hanna assigning the journal to Spencer next (quite quickly) suggested that there are some things in there that she doesn’t want Aria to see, I think that Em is still going to suffer the most from ┬áthis resurrection of Ali.

Ezra watching the Liars delve into Ali’s journal was super creepy and very voyeuristic. Spencer’s “You like Jake; You love Ezra” proclamation to Aria was quite true, but all the more eerie because of Ezra’s new A team status. And how is it that he’s listening to Ali’s phone calls via his laptop? I’m starting to think that he’s not just part of the team, but maybe the origin.

Spencer’s dad and Ali’s mom uttering “Jason needs to know” is suspicious. I’m not buying that Mrs. DeLaurentis is getting a divorce. I’m also very suspect of Ali’s note to Emily at the cafe. I’m not convinced that Emily would be the most helpful in Ali’s quest to rejoin humanity, but perhaps Emily is the one that Ali trusts the most? It’s hard to say. Ali’s apparitions seem to appear to Hanna and Emily the most, but I don’t know what the significance of that is.

Spencer’s dad relaying that Toby’s mother’s death “wasn’t a suicide, but it wasn’t a murder either” is odd, and dragging out this annoying plot line even more. After Spencer tells Mrs. DeLaurentis off and essentially calls her a home-wrecker in the coffee shop, the girls head to The Bumble Bee Inn, based on one of Ali’s cryptic poems. In any other episode I feel as though Aria would’ve confessed to Ezra where she was headed, but in this one she conveniently dodged him. Flash to Ezra being at Hanna’s house for the first time ever. Since when does he make house calls? And Hanna’s mom doesn’t find this odd? And why is Ezra targeting Hanna and rifling through her room as well as her laptop? Does he know she took the journal from his lair, and if so, how?

Why do the Liars insist on not telling anyone where they’re going? They head out to an Inn that has been shut down, get caught in a thunderstorm, and even Spencer hasn’t let Toby in on her location? Aria sneakily leads the Liars to Ezra’s cabin saying that it’s her uncle’s. I have to admit, Hanna’s confession that the missing page was about her hooking up with Aria’s brother Mike (who was pretty young at the time) was very lackluster. I was expecting something way juicier, because, well, this is “Pretty Little Liars” for crying out-loud. The only way this could be an interesting turn in the A plot, is if Mike has been coerced by the A team, unbeknownst to us all these years. Maybe that’s why he’s done some of the crazy things he’s done, had that bout with hermit-like behavior in his room, and lashed out at his mom?

How did someone (A? Ezra?) pull the proverbial wool over the Liars’ eyes so easily and take Ali’s journal? And then Travis conveniently arrives with his tow-truck? Is Travis a hero with excellent timing, or is he fishy? His endurance of a crying Hanna after he wants to “just be a nice guy” suggests that he’s the former.

“We gave Ali to A.” Yup. That happened, with one color-coded sticky note system a la Emily. It’s always Emily’s fault.

Did anyone figure out anything that I didn’t? The answer is yes, so clue me in.


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2 responses to “Review: Pretty Little Liars “Love ShAck, Baby””

  1. fan says:

    They called Travis to come and help them, Ezra saw Hannah putting the journal in her bag, when they were in the courtyard, he waited until two were outside an two where in the closet, locked the closet door and grabbed the journal. Maybe he likes Hannah, no, wait, it’s obvious he liked Hannah, he helped her and her mom at the risk of his own dad and he went to help with his car to bring them back.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I think Emily and Hannah have the most interaction/dreams of Ali because she tortured them the most – ie Hannah’s weight and Emily’s feelings for her. Spencer’s always been strong on her own and Aria too so she’s never affected them quite so much. Here’s what annoys me about the show – they always go on drives on weeknights when it’s dark out. There’s no way they go to school 7 days a week. Has anyone ever heard of waiting until Saturday morning when it will be light out to go driving to a creepy, closed Inn? The show is creepy enough as is, but cut it out with the dead car in the dark already! And lastly, I’m really sad about Ezra being the biggest creep ever. Regardless of the overlooked grossness in him being 20-something and dating a teenager, he brought out this great side of Aria and I really liked how smart he was. Now, I’m just grossed out.

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