Kaitlin’s Beachy & Blue Wish List

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Kaitlin's Blue Beachy Wish List


Kaitlin’s Blue Beachy Wish List 

Minnetonka brown shoes
The fact that I don’t own a pair of fringed sandals is pretty mind-boggling. Especially since I own multiple pairs of Minnetonkas for the fall and winter months! These would match just about everything I own.

Lucky Brand canvas tote bag
It seems like the older I get the more stuff I carry. It used to be that I carried sunglasses, a wallet and my phone, but that has quickly turned into all that plus real glasses, my iPod, a Tide stick etc. So basically the fact that I can’t see, and I spill at restaurants frequently requires me to carry a larger purse.

John Hardy turquoise jewelry
This is a modern twist on a camp classic. It reminds me of a friendship bracelet, but fancier! I also love the colors of this. It would match a lot of my turquoise jewelry.

These are adorable. I’m not sure how often I would wear them, but they’re too darn cute to keep off of the list!

Styling product
Confession: I sometimes use this beachy hair spray on days that I haven’t curled my hair. The spray smells so good, and clings to your hair so well, that sometimes I wear it as a perfume.

Chronicle Books Pastel Geometric Musings Journal Set
I’m obsessed with list making. I love the act of handwriting a list, checking things off, and keeping tracks of things I’ve done, watched, read, listened to etc. So far my current lists are restaurants I want to go to, books I want to read, and films I want to see. These notebooks would make the list-making even more glamorous!
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Tunes of the Week Edition No. 6

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This is always the time of year where I feel like throwing on some Elton John style shades, rolling the windows down, and embracing my inner Penny Lane. And one simply cannot act or pretend to be as boss as Penny Lane* without a soundtrack. Whether you’re dragging yourself to work during this warm weather, heading to the beach with friends, or celebrating something really fantastic like graduating from high school, you should always have something rolling in the background to bring you back to this moment in time. So here are some ideas of what to listen to while the wind of the road takes care of the rest.

*Please view Almost Famous immediately if you’re unaware of this reference.


Babyshambles’ Nothing Comes to Nothing – Have you ever had a place to go, and you’ve tried on essentially everything you own? Put this song on, and you will be satisfied with the first outfit you throw on. I’m not kidding. This song makes everything feel good.


The Howls’ All – For those of you not in the know: I may be the biggest Friday Night Lights fan on the planet. I had a podcast where I interviewed the majority of the cast members, and I just want to hug Jason Katims with everything I have. If the show were still on, this haunting, yet triumphant song would absolutely make the soundtrack. Can’t you just see the Panther’s field lights in the distance as you listen? PS Watch this show if you haven’t. It’s on Netflix. PPS This song was featured on another great show: Kingdom. It stars one of my FNL favorites Mr. Matt Lauria.


Adam Ezra Group’s Takin Off – Do you like Pearl Jam? Probably listen to this immediately.


The Helio Sequence’s Can’t Say No – For those of us looking for more tunes to add to our Flaming Lips-esque playlists. This is the type of melody I like to listen to while cooking, doing laundry, or other mundane activities. Something about it just makes me want to sway my hips, and eases me out of the fact that I’m doing things that have to be done, rather than things I want to be doing.

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