Wedding Season Wish List #1

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Wedding Season Look #1


It’s that time of year! Wedding season! Shout! A little bit softer now! I love nuptials, but I especially love getting to dress up with my friends, some of whom I see very infrequently (sniff sniff!). I’m going to hopefully post some potential wedding outfits throughout the summer months for you to get some accessorizing ideas! I can promise you lots of color, and almost no heels. Ha! Please let me know what you love, hate, or bought!
Wedding Season Look #1 

Maeve dress – You never can go wrong when purchasing a dress for a bridal shower or wedding at Anthropologie. They have every possible shape, cut, length, weight etc. I think this dress has the most potential for awesome accessorizing!

Tory Burch leather sandals – I have these sandals in tan, and I’ve worn them to four weddings already, and danced the night away! I think this toothpaste color is gorgeous, and would pair well with the dress above.

Sam Edelman greek gladiator sandals – Gladiator sandals are hit or miss for me. I have really flat feet, so sometimes I get horrific blisters by wearing them, but these are so embellished and awesome, I’d be willing to risk it!

Anna Beck Designs twist earrings – Not in my budget for this wedding season, but talk about making a statement! I wonder if they’re heavy…that would deter me from buying them.

Turquoise necklace – I’m not sure the length of this would go with the dress above, but I think it would be such a bold move for a bride to wear this as her something blue with a stark white summer wedding dress!

Tortoise shell bangle – These are fun, and the set could obviously be mixed and matched with classy, sophisticated or casual outfits!

Topshop red jewelry – I don’t own red earrings. These spoke to me. For ten bucks, they might be mine.

**The tortoise shell gold clasp bracelet is Ralph Lauren.
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