Kaitlin’s Beachy & Blue Wish List

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Kaitlin's Blue Beachy Wish List


Kaitlin’s Blue Beachy Wish List 

Minnetonka brown shoes
The fact that I don’t own a pair of fringed sandals is pretty mind-boggling. Especially since I own multiple pairs of Minnetonkas for the fall and winter months! These would match just about everything I own.

Lucky Brand canvas tote bag
It seems like the older I get the more stuff I carry. It used to be that I carried sunglasses, a wallet and my phone, but that has quickly turned into all that plus real glasses, my iPod, a Tide stick etc. So basically the fact that I can’t see, and I spill at restaurants frequently requires me to carry a larger purse.

John Hardy turquoise jewelry
This is a modern twist on a camp classic. It reminds me of a friendship bracelet, but fancier! I also love the colors of this. It would match a lot of my turquoise jewelry.

These are adorable. I’m not sure how often I would wear them, but they’re too darn cute to keep off of the list!

Styling product
Confession: I sometimes use this beachy hair spray on days that I haven’t curled my hair. The spray smells so good, and clings to your hair so well, that sometimes I wear it as a perfume.

Chronicle Books Pastel Geometric Musings Journal Set
I’m obsessed with list making. I love the act of handwriting a list, checking things off, and keeping tracks of things I’ve done, watched, read, listened to etc. So far my current lists are restaurants I want to go to, books I want to read, and films I want to see. These notebooks would make the list-making even more glamorous!
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