These Are My McDreamys

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American Gentlemen


It’s the Monday before Valentine’s Day, so I thought I’d make you all privy to my list of the dreamiest American gentlemen. Honestly, this list hasn’t evolved much since 1999. Call me traditional. Ha! Who’s on your list?

Clockwise from the top left:

Miles Teller – The guy to watch in 2014! He was fantastic in The Spectacular Now, and his jazz-drummer film Whiplash won the top honor at Sundance this past month. He’s going to be in Divergent in March, and just signed on for a Scorsese boxing biopic.

Ryan Gosling – When does The Notebook 2 come out? Kidding. If you still think he’s just a pretty guy, please get your paws on a copy of Half Nelson.

Bradley Cooper – If you can manage to play a convincing newspaper reporter on Alias, and also be the token jerk in The Hangover then you may be on to something. Oh and he speaks French. Swoon-worthy.

Matt Damon – Cambridge MA native, who’s a few credits short of having a Harvard degree. That mega-watt smile, plus a screenwriting Oscar equals total dreamboat.

Ben Affleck – Double Oscar winner and Bostonian. He writes, acts and directs. He managed to marry the loveliest lady in the land: Jennifer Garner. Total catch.

Tom Brady – Yes he modeled for men’s Uggs that one time. All is forgiven. He’s the King of New England. He will go down as one of the top five quarterbacks of all time. And how about that chin dimple?

Kyle Chandler – I put him in the middle because he deserves it. Whether it’s Early Edition, Wolf of Wall Street or Friday Night Lights, he commands my attention more than any other actor on the screen right now. Also, he’s convinced me to bring winking back.


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