What I Wore Edition No. 2: New Year’s Eve Outfit

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Full disclosure: I do not consider myself a fashionista. Fuller disclosure (pun intended): I am not a petite person. I’m 5’8” (68 inches), and I wear a women’s US size 14. When I find clothes that fit, look flattering, are long enough etc. I feel a serious sense of accomplishment. This “What I Wore” post, along with future posts (when I can find someone to take a full-length photo of me, ha!) are incredibly intimidating to me because I don’t like to bring a lot of attention to my appearance. I also have never publicized what size clothing I wear on the interwebs, but it’s 2014 now, and I need to be real with myself and anyone perusing my blog. So, this is me, and occasionally I will try to throw a few outfit suggestions out there for real-sized girls because most of the time it’s really not easy finding anything that doesn’t look like a tent. I’d love to hear your recommendations for clothes or accessories of all ranges, so please chime in below in the comments!

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Top: Bobeau Blouse (bought at Nordstrom Rack). This is a lightweight, short-sleeved shirt and a simple black camisole needed to be worn underneath.

Leggings: Black leggings – they have no tag, so I’m unsure of the brand, but they were bought at TJ Maxx.

Boots: Black Bongo ankle boots – my New Year’s Eve find! I bought these at Sears for $14.99! They’re available in three other colors.

Boyfriend Sweater: Gray textured t-shirt material sweater from Cable and Gauge

Necklace: Links of London Aurora Cluster Link Pendant Pro Tip – I bought this in the store and it was $125, even though it’s $150 online.

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Kaitlin’s Wish List January 2014

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Kaitlin's Wishlist January 2014


I’m a firm believer in treating yourself. While “Parks and Recreation” may have coined the phrase “treat yo’self”, I have been promoting it to friends, family and colleagues for years. I work hard every day, and serve my students the best I can, so I feel worthy of a nice treat once in a while. Sometimes it’s a manicure, or buying myself breakfast before work, but other days, particularly bad days, I may go for a big ticket item. Pictured above are the things that I covet as we enter 2014. I accepted the fact that I’m a materialistic person a long time ago, and I’ve moved on. I may be liberal, and wear a lot of moccasins, but I truly do love the finer things. Has anyone seen that pillowcase that reads, “I lied about being the outdoors type”? I don’t even bother lying. I’ll walk around outside with you and enjoy some sunshine (warm or cold), but that’s the extent of it. What have you accepted about yourself in this past year? What do you hope to accept about yourself as 2014 rapidly approaches? Do you like to treat yourself? What should make my wish list for February?


Kaitlin’s Wishlist January 2014 

Burberry long sleeve sweater – Completely out of my price range, but a girl can dream.

Anna Beck gold earrings – I have the necklace that matches these earrings, so why not have the whole set?

Links of London sterling silver jewelry – I own a few of their pieces and they are timeless.

Lilly Pulitzer scarve – This has a direct correlation to spending the last fifteen summers on the Cape.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics eyeshadow – You can never have enough neutral palettes, and I think this would go well with my pale skin and blue eyes.

Joie fragrance – I fell in love with this scent because of Birchbox.com

Nail polish (Horcrux Nail Decals) – If only I had these when the movies were premiering!

Hello kitty furniture (ottoman) – I’m not sure my roommate would go for this, haha.
Kayden Vanity Set available at Target.com – for my future home because I don’t have room for it currently.
Luke Bryan’s Crash My Party available at Amazon.com  – I already have the album, but want tickets to his tour!
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