Tunes of the Week Edition No. 1

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Listed below are the tunes that caught my ear this week. I’m constantly searching for new music via friend recommendations, iTunes recommendations, or from Pandora. I have to give a shoutout to two local radio stations as well, because they lend me some new ideas on a pretty routine basis: 92.9 WBOS and 92.5 The River. I’m hoping that if I can keep up a weekly post about new music that some of you may throw your new favorites out there as well. So, shall we?

Ray LaMontagne‘s new single “Supernova” – While Ray’s growly gorgeous voice still exudes from this track, the overall vibe of the song is something new for him. It has a tinge of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and just feels lighter than some of his other music endeavors. I’m looking forward to his new album “Supernova” coming out on May 6th, as well as seeing him in concert in Boston in May at The Blue Hills Bank Pavilion.




Coldplay‘s new single “Magic” – I keep saying to my brother that this sounds like a Chris Martin solo project, but I’m not complaining. Coming from the same vein as “Up in Flames” this is a bleak track that features Chris’ stellar vocals with what sounds like a synthesized drum. Call me a Coldplay diehard, but I’m really enjoying hearing this on the radio. Coldplay’s new album “Ghost Stories  is released on May 19th, and I hope to see them on tour for my fifth time.




Ingrid Michelson‘s new single “Girls Chase Boys” – This may not sound like a compliment, but Ingrid is my favorite soundtrack lady. She has had music featured on so many TV shows and movies that I adore, and her voice captures the feelings being visually depicted in an absolutely perfect and eerie way. This new single from her upcoming album “Lights Out” which will be released on April 16th surprised me in a fantastic way. This is more pop than Ingrid has ever been, but she still is showcasing those beautiful intonations in her voice! I can’t wait to see her in concert for the first time in May at The House of Blues.



What is everyone else listening to in preparation for summer concerts?

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