Winter Break Ideas: Vol. 1

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In this week’s edition of Winter Break Ideas you will find things that you should lend your ears to while you’re on winter break. While some of these are best for rocking out in the car, others are for contemplation with a candle burning, or for some groove-filled cookie baking.



Taylor Swift’s album 1989 – You’ve probably heard at least one track off of this album, but it’s best enjoyed with warm libations and comfortable dancing clothes, because you will want to sing and shout to these catchy tunes. So break out those footie pajamas and bust a move. (Note: my favorite track is Wildest Dreams, but Clean is climbing the ranks as well).

1989 Album Cover


Little Joy’s self-titled album – If you enjoy Elvis movies and the humor/talent of Zooey Deschanel then you’ll dig this band. They’ve got kind of a sixties beach party groove that makes me feel warm on wintery days.




Sarah Koenig’s Serial podcast – For those of you who enjoyed HBO’s “True Detective” or are still wondering who killed JonBenet Ramsey, this is going to be your new obsession. Koenig, an investigative reporter whose resume includes reporting for The Baltimore Sun, as well as NPR’s “This American Life”, delves into story behind Adnan Syed, a teenager, who in 1999 was (not convincingly) convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend. Your commute just got a lot more intriguing. You’re welcome. (PS if you ask me what a podcast is, I won’t be able to keep a straight face, even on the internet).


Serial Logo


The Turnpike Troubadour’s album Diamonds & Gasoline – A friend of mine turned me onto this band a few months ago, and I can’t get enough. They make me want to open my own Honky Tonk bar and quit this life of teaching.



What have y’all been listening to? I’m ready for some recommendations!

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