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When asked what superpower is the most alluring to them, most people say flying without hesitation. Others may make an argument for invisibility, clairvoyance, speed, superhuman strength, the power to heal, the ability to breath underwater, or telepathy. None of these are really that infatuating for me. The one thing I would want from the genie in the bottle would be the ability to manipulate time as well as time travel.

Sometimes I have a really lousy day, and I dwell on it. I encompass myself in all of its crappiness, and let it really sink its talons into me. If I could manipulate time I could make that day go by so much faster. If I could time travel, I could propel myself into another day that was just absolutely phenomenal. Everyone bombs one of my essays? Go back to a day where everyone nailed it. I let someone talk me into going on a roller coaster and I’m completely in the tangle of motion sickness? Launch myself into a relaxing day of mani/pedis. Hear Ben Affleck was dining with his mom in Harvard Square the night before? Bam, all of a sudden I’m there with a reservation and my best lipstick on. It would be so majestic.

Flight shouldn’t be the top pick because we can already fly, we just have to pay for it and sit in cramped seats. Invisibility is creepy and would be too invasive. Clairvoyance would be traumatizing, and superhuman strength would result in too many friends needing favors. The power to heal sounds lovely, but unless you had unlimited time, it would get depressing attempting to save everyone and not being able to. Breathing underwater sounds absurdly wonderful, but ultimately not that useful. Telepathy seems unnecessary – I mean, if I was in a covert op maybe it would have advantages, but I’m no Jack Bauer.

Obviously there are some downsides to manipulating and traveling through time. If given that superpower, I may not cherish moments as they’re happening because I’d rely too heavily on being able to hit rewind. Perhaps I wouldn’t learn from my mistakes, because I may tick-tock right through them at warp speed. There’s no way of knowing how any of us would react to the access to these abilities, but I’d like to think that I’d use my time superpowers in positive ways, and that it would allow me to free myself up to a good night’s sleep even when I stay out too late. I’m a best of both worlds kind of gal.


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