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This is the band Blind Pilot performing the title track of their sophomore album: We Are The Tide. It’s a song that brings to my mind a lot of images, as well as memories. In a swift move that is way beyond my musical capabilities or wherewithal, Blind Pilot is able to conjure pictures of waves crashing, cool blue swirls and a breeze. This song is able to translocate me to a beach, whether it be December or July. I don’t have the verbal ability to explain how that is possible, whether metaphysically it is possible, or how they made it possible, but I do know that I’m not alone, and that they very aptly titled this track. This song invokes in me a sense of whimsy, and a lull like the waves that crash continually without anyone but the moon controlling them.

I have sentimentality problems. This will become abundantly clear if you read this blog on the regular (which I certainly hope you do!). When I discovered Blind Pilot, thanks to the brilliant samplers that Paste Magazine provides to its blog readers (fo’ free!), I was in the midst of my parents selling my childhood home, and moving into my own apartment for the first time at the ripe age of 27. No, I am not a loser. I like to think of myself as a savvy, suffering Gen Y’er who graduated college a year before the stock market crashed. It’s a long, winding road that got me to the current middle school English teaching gig I have now, but the gist is: I went to grad school to get my masters in education immediately following my undergrad and fumbled my way through being a teaching assistant as well as a reading tutor before getting my own classroom. That’s the suffering part of my Gen Y existence. The savvy part is that I didn’t take out any loans, and had the good blessings to be able to live at home rent free. Thus, in July 2012, I was moving into my very own apartment, and I simultaneously discovered this marvelous song. I associate We Are The Tide with feelings of abandonment, independence, nostalgia, responsibility, adventure, and sweat. Every time I’ve moved it has been a sweaty ordeal. So things go.

The etymology of this blog’s name is a combination of all the feelings I felt when I encountered this song, and specifically, the timing of when this song entered my life. In Cameron Crowe’s most wonderful and autobiographical film, “Almost Famous,” he wrote a line for lead singer Jeff Bebe in which he’s trying to explain to a fifteen-year-old Rolling Stone reporter how he defines Rock ‘n’ Roll:

“But what it all comes down to is that thing. The indefinable thing when people catch something in your music.”

I caught a lot in this music, and part of me blames the frame in which this song was dealt to me, but another part of me attaches myself to this song for what it represents, and how far I’ve come from last summer. I am a woman who teaches, reminisces, laughs, sings, chants, roots, and writes. I am a woman who is infatuated with pop culture and how its trends twirl and wind in America. I am folksy. I am honest. I am relentless. I hope that people don’t see this as just a “lifestyle blog” because I really don’t ever see myself adhering to any particular lifestyle. I want to surround myself with people (both in real life and in social media contexts) that share a lot of my loves (Friday Night Lights, Chuck Klosterman, Marc Jacobs), while engaging me in new ideas that challenge things I already thought. If you can relate to anything I said, or are intrigued, please join me at We Are The Tide. I think it could very well be my most honest endeavor yet.

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